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Bones, woods & spoons – an experimental dinner and soundscape

Bones, woods & spoons (Luita, puita & lusikoita in Finnish) is a collaboration of wild food chef Jyrki Tsutsunen and sound artist Tatu Rönkkö where the duo creates a new collective dinner experience that challenges traditional norms of dining and brings together art and food. A meditation of all senses.

When entering Bones, woods & spoons one can forget the etiquette of western eating culture, the traditional dishes and the kind of music that usually fills the dining room. The ingredients of food on this dinner are hand picked from the nature and the backyard forest and the objects used for making the music are very familiar too. The result is something else. Jyrki and Tatu combine the tradition of using whatever you have at hand in your own living environment with an inspiring way of creating new worlds with it.

”We think that eating is a multi-sensory and multi-dimentional experience where not only tasting but also listening, smelling, looking and feeling different textures are brought to the foreground and bound together. We want to shake people up and bring them with us on a journey of all senses” says the duo with a twinkle in their eyes.

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