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A culture chef and a passionate forager. Creating new flavour experiences by using ingredients that has been collected from the Finnish forests. Often Jyrki works hand in hand with different artists, Dj´s and performers, building cultural mashups. Jyrki constantly strives to surprise, teach and compose something new.

Jyrki has cooked food in many of Helsinki’s top restaurants and working at the Consulate General in St. Petersburg, creating many different food events and concepts.

Food is life and wild food is a passion!



Unique dinner events, combining wild food with music & art, performances and new experiences.

Dalen. På jorden.

A culinary concert with smoked forest food from the wild food chef Jyrki Tsutsunen. Performances at the Art Factory in Porvoo 21-23.9 and 1-2.11.2022.

The theme is current: the planetary emergency. The work is based on the idea of theatre director Dan Henriksson and it combines smoked forest food by the wild food chef Jyrki Tsutsunen with musical enjoyment.

When the clock is ticking and the Earth's fever rises, it looks dark.
We seek the light, the hope and the comfort - there is still time. Right now.


Klockriketeatren's international ensemble is strengthened with Ksenia Peretrukhina, one of Russia's leading scenographers, award-winning – and today in exile in Finland. Together with Tom Lönnqvist (sound), Darina Rodionova (video) and Vilma Vantola (lights), she creates an suggestive atmosphere in the hall. Wild food chef Jyrki Tsutsunen is known for his culinary food from the forest and art projects.

Mirva Ormin and Martin Ormin most recently created the music for the performance Marat/Sade, now they are joined by top Colombian harpist Natalia Castrillón, who lives in Finland, and percussionist Amanda Blomqvist. Actor Carl Alm is the evening's host, while theater director Dan Henriksson is responsible for direction and concept.

The forest is our heritage. It is our responsibility to take care of it.


Skutta is an art and culture bistro, which plates nature takes power. With us you can taste seasonal wild herbs, fermented delicious products or even a glass of wine.

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Skutta restaurant


Fermented products, recipes and workshops.

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Bones, woods & spoons (Luita, puita & lusikoita in Finnish) is an experimental dinner and soundscape.

Jyrki Tsutsunen and sound artist Tatu Rönkkö creates a collective dinner experience that challenges traditional norms of dining and brings together art and food. This is meditation for all senses.
The ingredients of food on this dinner are hand picked from the nature and the objects used for making the music are also very earthy and rural.

”We think that eating is a multi-sensory and multi-dimentional experience where not only tasting but also listening, smelling, looking and feeling different textures are brought to the foreground and bound together. We want to shake people up and bring them with us on a journey of all senses”.


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Creative madness, modern cooking and sound art.


`Metsänhenki` - Forest Spirit event combines modern wild food cooking into immersive, stunning sound art. Let´s feel the forest around us!

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